Everything’s ready - step aboard!

Helsinki Fishing runs fishing trips year-round. Excursions include all necessary equipment as well as all necessary licenses. Below are some examples of our excursions. You can find more options on our guides’ respective homepages.

Fishing with VMB!

VMB guiding areas are Helsinki, Tammisaari, Särkisalo, Kemiö and Salo

A fishing trip,for example in Särkisalo´s beautiful nature, with Sea Eagles and Seals, really relaxes you and your stress will be gone!


Our special expertise ranges from fishing courses for ladies to fishing trips for fishing enthusiasts. You will learn why spinning is such fun, how to catch fish and how electronic devices in the boat can be used to find the best fishing spots.


We provide high quality fishing experience on the Gulf of Finland. We operate normally between Loviisa and Helsinki. Sport fishing with casting rods where target is Sea Trout, Pikeperch (Walleye) and Pike provides exitement for all day long. Trolling for game fish like Salmon, Sea Trout and Pikeperch is an incredible experience. With jig fishing and light tacle we can catch large perch.

On the sea - On the lake - On the river - On the shore

Haukikoira Ltd. operates in a 100km radius around Helsinki. Our name may mean “pike hound”, but we fish all species based on the season and on your wishes. We will take you and your guests fishing on the Gulf of Finland, around Loviisa, Helsinki and Tammisaari. Fishing trips are our focus, but we do not require you to fish. We can take you on themed boating picnics, such as a “Ladies’ Day Out”!

The dream tour: Salmon & Smoke Sauna

Experience the trolling of your dreams on The Gulf of Finland. Spend a day on the open sea trolling for Atlantic salmon or opt for exciting jigging for zander and perch. Complete your experience with lunch at sea, and an evening in a smoke sauna in Saunasaari near the Helsinki city center, accompanied by a magnificent dinner.

Archipelago zander!

Depending on the season, this excursion is all about trolling for zander, angling for whitefish, or casting for brown trout, perch, or pike. You will eat a delicious lunch on the shore of your choice.

Sea fishing near the coastline

A fishing excursion within the beautiful Helsinki archipelago, which provides shelter from the largest waves. On our journey we focus on hauling in the biggest catches.

There is a good chance of catching fish worthy of a tale and, depending on the season, we will find them in the inner bays or outer rim of the archipelago. A picnic on an island, where you can enjoy the beauty of the archipelago, is an essential part of your excursion.

Exclusive fishing trip with the ultimate fishing boat!

Our monster of a fishing boat HAUKI:

Lenght 11 meters / max. capacity 12 people, 2 x 250 hp Suzuki outboards / Top speed +50 knots

Only 40 kilometers west of Helsinki city center we take you fishing with this boat at our lake side restaurant & sauna Artalli. Startting from the pier of this cozy retreat we can offer the unique possibility of fishing and boating on a lake, river and the Baltic sea, all in one trip!

Casting with a fishing guide

In addition to the fishing styles you already know, on our fishing excursion you can learn different styles of casting such as jerk fishing or jigging with our TR Fishing guides. You can also try the hottest new casting styles: the drop shot, the vertical, the cast fly, or spinner baiting. Your guide will find the best fishing spots, instruct you with the best techniques, make sure you have every opportunity to catch your fish, and clean the fish you decide to keep. On our excursion you will enjoy a tasty lunch and breathtaking views of the shore. TR Fishing (TR-Kalastus) is at your service in the areas of Porvoo, Helsinki, and Tammisaari.