Casting with a fishing guide

In addition to the fishing styles you already know, on our fishing excursion you can learn different styles of casting such as jerk fishing or jigging with our TR Fishing guides. You can also try the hottest new casting styles: the drop shot, the vertical, the cast fly, or spinner baiting. Your guide will find the best fishing spots, instruct you with the best techniques, make sure you have every opportunity to catch your fish, and clean the fish you decide to keep. On our excursion you will enjoy a tasty lunch and breathtaking views of the shore. TR Fishing (TR-Kalastus) is at your service in the areas of Porvoo, Helsinki, and Tammisaari.

The excursion will take 4-7 hours and will include all necessary equipment, warm flotation suits, and when needed, a hat and gloves. We will depart from a location specified by the customer. Our most popular departure harbors are Vuosaari, Old Town in Helsinki, Hamari, Emäsalo and Porvoo river in Porvoo, and the guest harbor in Tammisaari.

The price includes a tasty picnic lunch, campfire coffee, and for an extra fee, we can provide you with a delicious homemade gourmet lunch. The guide will clean and fillet your catch with you and pack it for you to take home. A hot sauna is available, and we can also transport customers from Haikko Manor.

We can take up to 4 people on boat fishing excursions, up to 2 people on pike fly fishing excursions, up to 3 people on floating ring excursions. For larger groups we will co-operate with other Helsinki Fishing guides.

TR Fishing fishes perch, pike and zander year round, with styles that vary based on the season. During the fall and spring season we can also fish for brown trout and whitefish. Currently our most popular fishing styles are different casting styles. We also provide you with a chance to angle, fly fish for pike, or ice fish.

For floating ring fishing, please contact TR Fishing as the price and availability depends on the season and group size.,
Tel. +358 (0)44 281 45 06