Archipelago zander!

Depending on the season, this excursion is all about trolling for zander, angling for whitefish, or casting for brown trout, perch, or pike. You will eat a delicious lunch on the shore of your choice.

You will embark on your six hour fishing excursion from a prearranged location, Kauppatori in Helsinki (The Market Square), for example. Our destination depends on the weather and fish. You can choose a fishing raft or a fast single-hull boat. We can arrange a small, 2-5 person fishing excursion with as little as a day’s notice, but trips with 10-20 people take more preparation time. We will provide you with all the necessary fishing equipment, weatherproof clothing, and fishing licenses.

The excursion includes a picnic lunch, such as salad with smoked fish and beverages and later, coffee on a beautiful shore.

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