The dream tour: Salmon & Smoke Sauna

Experience the trolling of your dreams on The Gulf of Finland. Spend a day on the open sea trolling for Atlantic salmon or opt for exciting jigging for zander and perch. Complete your experience with lunch at sea, and an evening in a smoke sauna in Saunasaari near the Helsinki city center, accompanied by a magnificent dinner.

A day on the open sea pursuing Atlantic salmon or, alternatively, zigzagging amongst the archipelago jigging or spinner baiting for zander and perch. At the end of the day we will take you to Saunasaari, located near the Helsinki city center. The smoke sauna’s pleasant smells will invite you inside while the hot tub beckons from outside. You can complete your day with an optional delicious dinner, with dishes such as loimulohi, Atlantic salmon nailed to a plank with wooden pegs and prepared to perfection on an open fire. Bon appetit!

Our Nordstar 31 Patrol is a trolling boat fit for the open sea. It can hold as many as ten trollers on board. The boat travels at 30 knots, so we can take you from the Helsinki city center to the best trolling areas while you finish a cup of coffee., email
Tel. +358 (0)400 500 070