Fishing with VMB!

One of well known record braker in Finnish Guiding!

VMB guiding areas are Helsinki, Tammisaari, Särkisalo, Kemiö and Salo

A fishing trip,for example in Särkisalo´s beautiful nature, with Sea Eagles and Seals, really relaxes you and your stress will be gone!

Days agenda is prepared carefully.

Fishing license, food and clothing is easy to arrange by us. è You just show up to marine and we´ll take care rest of stuff, so you dont have to worry about it!

Normally day goes so, that we meet in meeting spot, go out for fishing, have a little soup on lunc time, continue fishing and get back to harbor. While you change your clotes, VMB Guide will cut the fish and prepare it so, that it is in cold back, to carry home.

This type of fishing day, with all includet, cost 715€ (650€ + VAT 10%)

Highly effective fishing, by season´s and feedíng areas are the best strategy for quolity guiding.

VMB is Pro Staff member of Lund, so my boat Lund Pro Guide 1875 + Mercury 100 hp Big Tiller (Best Angling boat in Finland). Since 2016, VMb has been Fishing consult of Daiwa Scandinavia, so all Guiding gear is Daiwa Electronics side VMB is Raymarine Ambassador of Finland, so we use only the best electronics.

My services produceses : Big Pike fishing at autum and fall time, Angry Zander vertical fishing (out of spawn time) and big Pearch jig- fishing. Fishing is ethical matter and it is focused to well populated beast- fishes.

These are the criterion of VMB Fishing.

Hop on to my Lund and I´ll take you there, to brake you record!

Ville-Matti Blomqvist / VMB Fishing

puh. +358 50 522 2033