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Helsinki Fishing Guides

Helsinki Fishing is an alliance of the best fishinguides in the Helsinki region. These pages will help you find and contact all of them.

Fish with us at sea in Helsinki, in lakes in wilderness areas nearby, in gorgeous rivers and in the unique archipelago within a 100 kilometer radius of Helsinki – good fishing grounds and nature are close by. During the open water season, we fish mainly from boats. In winter, we offer different kinds of ice fishing options.

State-of-the-art boats and equipment

We have top level boats and equipment, and a tasty picnic meal is an important part of a fishing trip. Our 6-meter boats have a capacity for 4-5 fishers, whereas our biggest boats can take up to 12 persons. The fishing package includes equipment, fishing permits and clothing suitable for the weather conditions. In addition, we can also take care of meals, accommodation, sauna, transportation and other additional services.

The main catches in boat fishing are pikeperch, pike, perch and trout. In spring, we also fish for whitefish. Salmon and trout are trolled from boats that are equipped for this purpose. In winter, we fish for perch, pike, pikeperch and burbot.

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